BrightonSEO 2014 Presentation Slides


Everyone has enjoyed BrightonSEO yesterday. Collecting the slides from conference presentations is always a time-consuming task, so I’ve done the hard work for you.

If you know of any slides I couldn’t find, please get in touch on @ArturStrzelecki .

If you’re the presenter of any of the below, and you’d like to add a short summary of your presentation, add a link to your blog post about it, please get in touch as above.

Zobacz Pozycjonowanie sklepu internetowego - 2 częściowe szkolenie online

Track 1


Predicting the future of Google, and why it’s no longer a search company

Ian MillerSlides@MillerIan

Why we all need to study momentology

Matt RobertsSlides@Linkdex

Illustrated marketing concepts

Stephen CroomeSlides@Firstconversion


How to leverage content curation, build links and grow your search visibility

Aleyda SolisSlides@Aleyda

Breaking SEO out of silos with PR & marketing

Laura CrimmonsSlides@LauraCrimmons

Earning links through audience segmentation

Kirsty HulseSlides@Kirsty_Hulse

72% of Internet users do not speak English: International outreach

Gisele NavarroSlides@ichbinGisele


Structured data and rich snippets: What’s left

Matthew BrownSlides@MatthewJBrown

The semantic web & structured data, a journey into the unknown

Jan-Willem BobbinkSlides & Blog Post@JBobbink

The Owl and the Hummingbird: Make ontology work for you

Dawn AndersonSlides@DawnieAndo

The evolution of Search in a post Hummingbird era

Marcus ToberSlides@MarcusTober

Track 2


One Click Curve to Rule Them All

Gary MoyleSlides@GaryMoyle

What’s wrong with the current CTR curves

Alec BertramSlides@KiwiAlec

Local SEO VS. Organic SEO – their similarities and differences

David Whatley and James RobinsonSlides@MiShoplocal


Bringing sexy back: How a story can enhance your data and client relationships

Aaron FriedmanSlides@AaronFriedman

Do you know the real story you data is telling you or are you still stuck reading a fairytale?

Emma HaslamSlides@ehaslam

Advertising analysis: Beyond the numbers.

Alexandra TachalovaSlides@AlexTachalova

I’m Drunk … Karaoke Drunk #donttryspellingksraokdrunk

Daniel KershawSlides@DanJamker


Creativity and thinking skills can dramatically improve your online marketing

Shelli WalshSlides@ShelliWalsh

The secret to newsworthy content

Andy MillerSlides@Andyjm101

Becoming a publisher: Creating high quality content at pace

John HutsonSlides@JohnHutson

Content is just the start: How paid traffic can enhance any search campaign

Matt BeswickSlides@MattBeswick

Track 3


Programmatic Content: Is this the future of content?

Dipesh PattniSlides@Dipesh_Mode

How to get your boss to care about canonical tags: A lesson in SEO Persistence

Dan PatmoreSlides@ideasfordad

Cannibalisation: The SEO’s biggest nightmare and how to identify it

Jon EarnshawSlides@JonEarnshaw


Log file analysis: The gateway to assessing crawl behaviour

Tom BennetSlides@tomcbennet

How well does Google know your site?

Adrien Menard & Annabelle BouardSlides@Adrien_Men

Proactive measures for good site health

Tom WhittamSlidesTwitter

Hacking Google docs to detect and diagnose penalties

Gerry WhiteSlides@dergal


Auditing your Analytics Set Up

Nikki RaeSlides@AnalyticsGirl

Effective visits – why they are more important than visits

Lukasz ZeleznySlides@LukaszZelezny

Enhanced eCommerce and Data Import for Google Analytics

Dara FitzgeraldSlides@DaraFitzgerald

Working with numbers and people

Adam LoftingSlides@AdamLofting

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Artur Strzelecki

Niezależny specjalista SEM, który upowszechnia wiedzę o marketingu w wyszukiwarkach internetowych. W wolnych chwilach doradza dużym i małym klientom.

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